Thursday, June 6, 2013

Gettin' Old Ain't for Sissies.

Music has always been a big part of my life. Dad sang in the USO in WWII with Perry Como, so I grew up on his music, but found mine through a transistor radio and Murray the K.

Went to sock hops, learned the bop, had a college band, went to Woodstock, got in the ad business, did branding, wrote ads, produced and wrote jingles. Go figure.

But I learned the power, community, and joy of music. Started writing my own songs about 15 years ago (post ad agency retirement). Themes kept looping to things Boomeresque. You write what you know.

I always experience the joy and fun of sharing these common experiences at live performances. It never fails to create a unique performer/audience bond. Even the younger kids love it. Some of my most enthusiastic “fans” are indie musicians. Guess they identify with the vintage.

It’s great to see that light go on when someone sees themselves in a song. Especially the humorous and satirical. Heck, there’s enough doom and gloom music out there. As one of my titles says “What’s so Bad about Feelin’ Good?”

I do a lot of traveling on river cruises and European land tours and always bring the six-string. I’ve made great friends through the music. It’s a joy to share.  I always say (I suppose this is motivation part — the headline is always in the last sentence), “It keeps me on this side of the grass.”

I guess I’ll keep at it. Here’s one of my favorites. Good or bad … and true or not … it’s about US! Don’t forget: have your sound turned up. ALL the way up!!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Prescription Drugs Gotta a Hold on Me

As I continue tomake that journey from middle age to Stone Age, my body has changed its preference from one chemical compound to another for a variety of reasons: blood pressure, cholesterol, heartburn, arthritis, insomnia, good old-fashioned pain, and the list goes on. So too do the remedies concocted by our enterprising pharmaceutical industry.

Thanks to this well-oiled machine, and fueled by all manner of physicians, insurance plans, drug chains, and modern-day witch doctors, is it any wonder that one day I woke up staring into one of those multi-chambered plastic box calendars chock full of MY pills?! Thank you Doctor OZ & Dr Weil! Oh I know, it’s for my own good, or so they say, but jeesh! Is there no end to the dizzying array? Got me to thinking about the endless variety of these little globules as I stuffed them into my plastic calendar.

Of course a song began brewing in my head; it’s aptly titled “Prescription Drugs.” I’m sure anyone over 50 will recognize the central characters. I’d expound more, but I have to go to the all-night apothecary to pick up my latest fix. Enjoy the video.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

First Boomer Power Post

First post of a new blog. Looking forward to posting original music, videos and other stuff relating to our Baby Boomer experiences. Also info about Boomer Power concerts. Talk soon.